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Workshops - with our Local Community

Choose a workshop guided by our local community

All our workshops aim to give you an authentic experience and offer a chance  for you to  "give back" to our community & highlight  the incredible skills our locals have

Learn to play the Balinese flute - suling

learn from our village musician how to play a Balinese tune on the suling

Time : 2 hours

Price Rp250.000

Balinese cooking class lessons at Sarinbuana, Vegan cuisine restaurant in bali

Balinese Cooking Class

Choose from our menu what you would like to learn to cook

Many Vegan options available

Time: 4 - 5pm 

Rp 150.000


Balinese Wood Carving

Join Pak Ketut our village self taught carver to create a Balinese design to take home

Time: 3 hours

Price: Rp 450.000

Join a seasonal farming workshop at Bali ecolodge, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge harvest rice and cacao

Seasonal Farming Experience

Join in to plant or harvest rice, pick or prune coffee or cacao, plant ginger or turmeric.

Lets see what needs doing at the time of your stay

Time: 3 hours

Price Rp 250.000

Learn traditional weaving at Bali ecolodge

Balinese Traditional Weaving

learn how to make local Balinese designs with natural materials

Time: 1 hour


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, traditional plant medicine, body scrubs, local plants in Bali

Traditional Plant Medicine

Join Ibu Wayan to learn Traditional Balinese healing with local plants from our garden.

Body scrub, teas & poultice

Time: 2 Hours

Rp 300.000

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, learn wood carving at Baliecolodge, carve soft limestone lessons

Limestone carving

Learn to carve soft limestone into an animal or any design you like to take home.


A great activity for children.

Time : 2 hours

Price Rp400.000

flute making at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Balinese suling flute

Make a Bamboo Flute - Suling

Sit with Pak Made as he teaches you how to make a Balinese Suling & an introduction on how to play it.

Bring your flute home

Time: 2 hours

Price: Rp 200.000

learn to play the rendik at baliecolodge, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge bamboo rindik music

Learn to play Rindik

Learn to play a Balinese arrangement on the bamboo Rendik, with our local musician

Time: 2 hours

Price Rp 250.000

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge balinese traditional costume dressup, Balinese sarong

Balinese Traditional Costume

Dress up in traditional ceremony costume and learn about sarong design significance

Time: 1 hour


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