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Wood Fired Steam Sauna

Our New

Woodfired Sauna

Our new addition to the lodge, designed & engineered by our family

& built by our skilled local Balinese team 

The Experience

Come to the sauna, after diner and unwind with hot infused steam, then dip into the natural pool to cool down and go back for another steam... 3-4 times hot & cold rotation, will send you off for a blissful sleep, waking up feeling energised

The Sauna is available for a Minimum of 3 guests - Maximum 8 guests

Please let Putri in the office know by 4pm if you would like to join a sauna

Between 7.00pm - 8.45pm

Charge 100K per person

Private Sauna by Arrangement 

Book the sauna exclusively for a: solo, couple or group experience


  • Infused pure essential oils

  • Sound therapy

Price: 450K from 7.30 - 8.45pm

Sauna Etiquette


  • Wear your swimming clothes in the sauna

  • Keep an eye on how long you are in the sauna - recommended 10-20 minutes

  • Children under 15 yrs not permitted - unless guided by a parent

  • Use quiet voices in the sauna or preferably dont talk at all

  • Splash wash from the outside pot before entering the swimming pool

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