Relax and rejuvenate your body...

Our Private Traditional Wooden Massage Bale overlooks the tranquil Koi carp fish pond. 


  • Our local Massage therapists have many years of experience - This will not be your average Bali massage 

  • Couple massage - Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing together

  • 100% pure cold pressed local coconut oil - Made by our local ladies

  • 100% Pure essential oil of Ylang ylang or Asian spice (cinnamon, star anise & ginger)

  • Lovely soft printed Cotton sarongs

  • Natural cleaning products only are used in our massage area & anywhere on our property

Relaxing Therapeutic Organic Massage

Massage Times

9am – 6.30pm


Please let us know the day before or in the morning if you would like a massage.



Massage Menu

Aromotheraphy Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic & relaxing full body massage, with pure local cold pressed coconut oil blended with pure essential oil of: Ylang ylang (for stress & anxiety - bringing happiness & gratitude) or 

Asian spice - cinnamon, star anise & ginger (soothing aches and pains & improving circulation)

Duration - 1 .5 hours

IDR 300.000/ A$30

Traditional Healing Massage - For Women

Our local woman's healer is an elderly lady originally from Java, she does not speak english, so she will interpret to our manager her results after this massage.

By manipulating the internal organs with gentle pressure, she is able to realign your body for improved bodily function.

She focuses on these conditions:

* Irregular bowel movements

* Digestive problems

* Collapsed uterus

* Menstrual problems


Note: Our local healer is not professionally trained in any way, so we only offer this massage for those who may be open to traditional ways of healing. 

IDR 300.000/ A$30

Balinese Relaxation & Theraputic Massage

A deep tissue therapeutic & relaxing body massage to the: back, legs, feet, arms, neck, stomach and shoulders, with pure locally cold pressed coconut oil.

Please let our ladies know your desired pressure from: soft, medium to hard.

Duration - 1 hour

IDR 250.000/ A$25

Balinese Massage & Reflexology

Relaxing deep tissue body massage to the: back, legs, arms, neck and shoulders, followed by ½ hr reflexology with reviving essential oil Asian spice blend

Duration 1,5 hours

IDR 300.000/A$30

20 Finger Eco-luscious!

An incredible therapeutic experience, with 2 massage therapists simultaneously massaging you combine 4 different massage techniques. This massage brings health and well being to the internal organs & general health to the body systems.


Duration: 1 hour

IDR 400.000/A$40

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Using the palms, forearms, fingers & knuckles to apply pressure to the healing points of the body.

This massage brings health and well being to the internal organs & general health to the body systems.

Duration -1  hour

IDR 300.000/A$30

Reflexology Foot Massage

A relaxing & therapeutic foot massage to: Improve circulation & bring energy to the entire body. Restoring health & well being to the internal organs & general bodily functions.

For those new to massage, or are shy - you do not remove your clothes for this massage.


Duration: 1 hour

IDR 250.000/A$25

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are placed on the meridian points of the body to improve: Circulation and stimulate body points followed by a therapeutic massage. Bringing restorative health and well being to the internal organs & general health to bodily functions.


Duration: 1.5 hours

IDR 450.000/ A$45

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